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9th July 2005

kitsuneluke8:03pm: HBP Predictions!
This is off topic, but I just have to get these on record before the book comes out.

Godric Gryffindor is the half blood prince. He's there only in backstory form. We'll learn about how him being a half blood came out, and freaked the hell out of Salazar, thus ending their friendship.

Severus Snape? BORN A WOMAN.

Hermione will be bitten by a werewolf.

Grawp will kill a student! This will end Hagrid's career and expose him for good and all as a thoughtless, dangerous idiot.

Sirius Black will remain dead until further notice.

Harry will pass enough of his OWLS, but then, we knew that.

Ron will get more OWLS than he ever thought possible!

Dumbledore won't die, but damn, I wish he was going to. Hagrid, X Student, and Lucius Malfoy are on my hit list, personally.
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27th October 2004

lawnnun9:49pm: Masochist!DominicCollapse )

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26th September 2004

lawnnun10:55pm: Hey, (insert name here, possibly Jimmy) ya miss me?
*fight sfx, complete with breaking wood*

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